Jeson Zheng (Zheng Chao) --the Founder/CEO of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group

Jeson Zheng (Zheng Chao) --the Founder/CEO of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group

Jeson Zheng (Zheng Chao) was born in Beijing on August 23, 1986, graduated from The Central Academy of Drama, China. He is the founder/CEO of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group, Board Member of Taiwan Linfair Group.

  • Chinese name
    Zheng Chao
  • English name
    Jeson Zheng[1]
  • Nationality
  • Ethnic
    Han (Chinese)
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
    August 23, 1986[1]
  • Job
    Founder/CEO of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group
  • Education background
    The Central Academy of Drama, China [1]
  • Main achievements
    Founder/CEO of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group, Board Member of Taiwan Linfair Group
  • Representative works
    The world first “OinO” operation mode, The Silk Town in Zhejiang, The House of Dancing Water, Galaxy Macau Entertainment Center, thematic show in Urban Window of World Expo, etc.
  • Height
    180cm [1]
  • Weight
    78kg [1]
  • Zodiac
    Leo [1]
  • Blood type
    AB [1]
  • Family origin
    Beijing [1]


Jeson Zheng went to the United States to study magic at his early age. In 1995, he became the youngest guest performer of “Magic Castle”—the highest honor for magicians in USA. During his study of large illusion and magic in USA, he designed illusion magic for David Copperfield and performed in Las Vegas.

From 2005 to 2009, he studied TV and Film Production and Management in The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. As he learned more about stage techniques and film special effects, he started to research application of magic and special film effects in reality. During his college years, he became Board Member of Linfair Group, which has the main business scope of designing theme parks and shows, applying illusion and special effects to the packaging of stage stories and adding more entertaining, immersive and interactive fun to the stage. Then he directly joined the founding of Tianmeng Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. and participated in the executing and managing of the company. He gradually accumulated important resources in the cultural industry. The company mainly integrates various cultural pan-entertainment projects, gradually creates pan-entertainment IPs with traditional Chinese culture and repositions the lifestyles and habits of Chinese people.

In May, 2017, he founded the NOVAEX Cultural Development Group. After years of practice and in-depth analysis of cultural industry, he put forward the disruptive “OinO” mode in the hope of bringing human back to the emotional world and redefining new coordinates of people`s entertainment and cultural life in the time of rapid internet growth.

Key achievements

He successfully created the Silk Town, which is based on the notion of combining cultural industry with real estate development.

Jeson Zheng created the disruptive real estate mode of bringing visitors from internet and interactive live broadcast platform to offline real estates while carrying on the Chinese traditional cultural ideas and breaking traditional real estate development modes. He brought in foreign fashion design institutes and Chinese fashion brands and let the cultural industry drive the development of real property in a unique notion that culture is the pioneer of the industry. As he studied the cultural industry further, he led a team to successfully create the Huzhou Silk Town in Zhejiang in 2016, which became a model of operating thematic towns. This project was reported by the CCTV News (Xinwen Lianbo) for 5 minutes and 10 seconds in 2016.

Personal works

What Jeson Zheng focuses on and studies is providing creative solutions to future entertainment life in the time of smart technology and AI. He uses the world first “OinO” operation mode to build life zones and lifestyles of happiness, dream and miracle. He is aimed at building the bonds between technology and human emotions and passing on the mission and interpersonal feelings endlessly.

Applying magic tricks and illusion scenes to theme parks

Jeson Zheng is always committed to building the “Disneyland of Chinese genes” in his exploration of how to combine large illusion magics and theme parks.

Jeson Zheng has always kept and implemented the notion of “Creating an image of dream before your eyes to inspire your souls”, which is implemented in his design of entertainment centers, theme parks, cultural and commercial complex and shows. When young Jeson Zheng interprets magic and illusion, he views himself as a disseminator of “passing on dreams and inspiring souls”. As an illusion producer who has dreams, insights, love and achievements, he gave up the career of being an illusion magic star. Instead, he is committed to using wonderful design which makes every audience feel themselves make miracle happen. The theme parks and entertainment centers designed by him must surpass culture itself. What conquers you is not necessarily magicians and illusionists! What attracts you can be the magic or illusion itself.

Applying magic illusion to the scientific and effective planning and management of real estates

The marketing strategies of Chinese real estate market are fundamentally similar and not creative enough. The VIP service customized for high-end groups shall highlight the significance of personalization. Magic can be integrated into theme parks through smart technology. Culture can become part of environmental design and bring new vitality to the real estate market.

Jeson Zheng developed real estate projects with major Chinese real estate companies. Real estates, life, entertainment and other projects can be organically combined in technological methods. This is the pioneer of epoch-making Chinese cultural real estate model—complex of thematic culture and art.

Creating the world first “OinO” operation mode and making the new entertainment life solutions of technology and human emotional bonds

In the time of booming hi-tech, smart phones, computers and other devices bring many conveniences and huge changes to our life. People have less and less time to communicate with others and feel more and more indifferent towards each other. Jeson Zheng believes human should always pass on the consistent emotional values. How to guarantee the continuity of human emotional civilization? How to pass on the true Chinese values? This is also why Jeson Zheng founded the NOVAEX Cultural Development Group.

The mission of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group is to build the emotional bonds between technology and human. In the era of smart technology and AI, the gradually fading emotional bonds between people should become closer and be passed on forever.

He created the world first “OinO” operation mode. The “OinO entertainment life mode” combines recreation, entertainment, social activities, education and residence, centered around user interactive experience.

Cultural understanding

This young designer has unique understanding and perspective to the cultural industry. He builds and disseminates cultural industry to create IPs and theme parks of Chinese culture. The golden opportunity of internet has brought huge changes to the society and people’s emotional ways. In the time of smart technology and AI, he believes interpersonal emotions are the main values that people can pass on. “What’s human? Human are about hearts”. He always believes the mission of NOVAEX Cultural Development Group is to make people of traditional lifestyles enjoy the highly efficient smart technology as well, bring the people indulging in technology back to their true emotions, bring healthy and interesting social experience to the lonely people who are eager to communicate, create new entertainment lifestyles and integrate the emotion civilization and future technology. He created the world first “OinO entertainment life mode” to make people feel the continuity of emotions in Chinese lifestyles, express and create a paradise of emotions and make the emotional bonds between human tighter.


World famous magician David Copperfield made such comment on Jeson Zheng, “This kid has extraordinary ideas and gifts in every aspect. His is going to be not only a great magician.”

The American famous illusionist Franz Harari told journalist when he worked with Jeson Zheng in 2012: “This guy shall disrupt the whole magic industry. He is going to change the world in the end.”

Ayala--the Chief Designer of American famous magician Chris Angel made such comment on Jeson Zheng “What he’s doing proved him to be the messenger in legend, who will bring the 5000-year magic world into a new era. This change seems will start from China.”


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