NOVAEX Cultural Development Group
NOVAEX has the “OinO” (Online in Offline) operation mode which is unique in the world. Its “OinO entertainment life mode” is centered around user interactive activities combining recreation, entertainment, social activities, education and residence. NOVAEX creatively provides solutions to future entertainment lifestyles in China, based on the unified basis of “content + stickiness + coordinates + policy”. The aim is to build the bonds between emotion and technology; make people`s life highly efficient and convenient in smart technology; bring those lost in technology back to their true feelings; bring the lonely and eager-to-socialize people healthy and interesting experience of social activities; and perfectly blend the emotional civilization and future technology. In the era of smart technology and artificial intelligence, NOVAEX shall strengthen the gradually fading emotional bonds between people and pass on to future generations. The human world shall be led to the new 6th solar era.